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   Don't miss parking and electrical below the booths!  

10' x 20' Booths - this is the classic Shad Derby booth size.


If you want something smaller see below for 10' x 10' booths.

If you prefer to print and mail your application, click the button below.



Shad Derby Green Online Application Now Available!

Reserve your Shad Derby Green Space! Just choose the options you want and add them to your cart.


Non-profit booths are for 501(c)3 organizations only, and hobbyist booths are for non-commercial entities only.

Don't miss parking and electricity at the bottom!

Available again this year! 10' x 10' booths.

If you are unable to fit in your space the day of Shad Derby and must be relocated, limited spaces will be available if any. Please be sure your booth will fit within a 10' x 10' area before signing up.

Other Services

Select other servicies (electrical, parking) below.

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