The following are the 2022 Prices for the Shad Derby Green

We are looking forward to seeing everyone this May!

The shad always return!

Types of Booths

TYPE 1 – Display only by a Non-Profit Organization.  No sales, must be 501(c)(3)               $50-75/each

TYPE 2 – Sales by a Non-Profit Organization.  Must be 501(c)(3)                                           $75-100/each

TYPE 3 – Sales by an Artist or Hobbyist.  For example, handmade arts and crafts.           $100-125/each

TYPE 4 – Display only by a For-Profit entity.  For example realtors/banks.                          $125-175/each

TYPE 5 – Sales by a For-Profit entity.  Food, novelties, etc. No vehicles/trailers.                 $200-325/each

TYPE 6 – Truck/trailer spot. Very limited quantities (not yet available).                                  $325/each


Types of Electricity - NOTE: Electricity is currently unavailable

Standard 20amp                                      $ 35.00/per outlet

Higher 30amp (requires 220v pigtail)   $ 55.00/per outlet

Reserved Parking Space                         $ 20.00 each